Random Rumination #1

While working on my latest assignment (freelance, not college), I began to wonder. Do facts matter any more? Or should we just go with what we feel?


5 thoughts on “Random Rumination #1

    • Feelings are facts, on a personal level. But then again, I’ve often found that I cannot define my feelings. So, I guess the follow-up question would be: If I can’t define what I feel, should I wait until I have all the facts?


  1. I find I often didn’t know what I felt, or thought, until I write it in a poem. The act of interpretation, of transforming experience into a poem (or any other art form, or even speech) changes the experience. Observation is not neutral, either; different people will see different ‘facts’ manifested in the same situation.

    I do research some poems before writing; for example, if describing a planet, or a particular plant, or the name of a bird, or dates when an event occurred.


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