Blog Changes, Part 2

After some serious contemplation, I will be making changes to my blog over the next few weeks. The main focus will remain on speculative poetry; however, I will be including posts on astronomy and mythology. Both subjects are often an integral part of my poetry, so it only makes sense to include such posts.

Thanks to those who offered input. It made me feel better about making changes. I might loose a few followers, but I’m sure I’ll gain more.

(I’d change the title of my blog to “Ruminations of an Astronomy Major, With a Minor in Mythology” but that would be lying.)


18 thoughts on “Blog Changes, Part 2

  1. hello beekeeper71 its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay i am intrested in both astronomy and mythology having both ben to owter spayse sevral times and also having had run ins with varyus mithologikal kreetchers like medusa so i am totaly in fayvor of and lukking forward to this chayndj!!! ok bye

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      • hello beekeeper71 its dennis the vizsla dog hay remarkably enuf no i hav not but i hav ben to the plannit of the spayse chikkins wich did not wurk owt so wel for us and i hav ben to the costco planet and the petco planet and also the owter spayse bowling alley ware the star leeg plays ware i bowld aginst the jesus and ummm wel other playses too but yoozhually wen i am in spayse it is becuz i hav ben abducted or otherwise kaptchoord and i jenerally do not end up warever it wuz i wuz trying to go!!! ok bye

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  2. Well … looks like you introduced yourself to me at exactly the right time. With these changes, I’m interested to stick around and see what more you come up with… 🙂 Also, I think “Ruminations of an Astronomy Major With a Minor in Mythology” would make a fine tagline.

    Thanks for the follow, and pleased to meet you!

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    • Thanks. I’ve felt that I needed to expand my blog for some time, and the two subjects seemed the obvious way to go. As far as the tagline goes… I just might use it.

      Thanks for following me, and pleased to meet you too!

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