Scifaiku #4


cracks in the crust
Jupiter grating upon
Europa’s last nerve


9 thoughts on “Scifaiku #4

  1. Excellent Bryan except that the haiku reminds me of my grown son who came out of the womb hardly able to wait to pizz me off 24 hours a day or 9.84 Jovian hours. *g* You haven’t seen Jupiter until you’ve seen it with the 24-inch “Great Refractor” at Lowell Observatory. Knocks your socks off!

    Ron – ex-Great Refractor operator, tour guide, lecturer — Lowell Observatory

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  2. Well…weight would be your major problem — pier, mount, and telescope — 13 tons (weight of movable parts of the telescope — 6 tons; weight of telescope tube (32-ft sheet steel tube) — 2 tons; counterweights (five metal discs, 400 pounds each) — 2 tons.

    Balanced so precisely that a small child can move it with one finger.

    This is the small 24-inch Great Refractor. Some of the others are larger.

    Still want one?! *grin*


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