Collaborating with Collapsars

I’ve been going through some of my old poems and decided that it was time that I put together a collection of old and new collapsars. I figure I have about a dozen or more to write before I have enough to submit for publication, but I think I can knock them out by the end of January.

I’ve always enjoyed working in collaboration with other poets. In that spirit, I’d like to use suggestions from readers as launching points for some of my remaining collapsars. I’m looking for declarative noun/verb statements such as “Don’t think there’s nothing to fear,” “Every planet wears a ring,” “Between the starry rungs lies a part of space,” and “The Aliens breathe chlorine.” (I’m specifically looking for phrases of a speculative nature, of course.)

Anyone wishing to take part in such a collaborative effort please comment with a suggested statement or two. I look forward to some inspiring phrases.

Here’s a collapsar that I wrote a few years ago under my pseudonym, Kurt MacPhearson.

The Aliens Breathe Chlorine: A Collapsar
by Kurt MacPhearson 

The aliens breathe chlorine
purifies our drinking water
remains essential for deep space
requires thick suits
dominate a CEO’s worst nightmare
evokes little pity in most of us
refuse to acknowledge the aliens
plan to crack open the moon
influences flow in our tides
play havoc on castle walls

stymie the alien’s death machines
attack biochemical constructs
grow up to be girls or boys
dream of being astronauts
roam knight-errant above our skies
aren’t (fortunately) chlorine

Originally appeared in Star*Line 35.4


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